17 gru 2013

so... between doing a lot and doing almost very nothing, I settled to put some new stuff here, or maybe not new anymore

strings&systems, 2013

                                     Kamila, 2012
                                                                                  Andrew, 2011

so i was in london lately, i saw thingzzz, 2013

famous musicians from Prague, 2012

  grandpa&grannie, another photographer project, 2011
                                                                             granny Jadwiga, 2013

granny Hania and her 90 years of life, 2013

                                            and her son, my dad, archive photos

property of my dad  ^ ^

so there is this fashion now, for rediscovering family photo archives
and it's really funny coz my dad was actually kind of photographer
and he doesn't have an archive but rather a hell of archive
year ago my friends from opava-studying period had this idea for exhibition with photos made by photographers parents. but it never happend. anyway i was kind of constrained to start a 'study' of my dad's photos. so i thought 'ok, i knew that this day will eventually come'. and now i am trying to rediscover my dad for real, scanning negatives, etc. as everyone knows, all dads have a lot of secrets. well mine was really crazy&weird one type, or maybe still is, who knows. I have some ideas for ' ye ye another book with archive photos'. It's a pity, he never became famous or smth. so this is on-going project, oh and i am also trying to become a master of arts, literally, so my graduation project is also ongoing, very much ^ ^