24 lis 2011


well, i have so giant backlog that i don't know where to start
mayby i should start with sharing my 'life conclusions' from these couple of months

 make a gif
I've finally made it. Now i am officially a BcA of Institute of Creative Photography in Opava

2. Imagine a situation: you are in some store, suddenly your old mate from past life is passing you by. he is with a girlfriend. So what are you doing ? Well, if you want to follow the idea "be nice and frank for all people you know" (i really want to), you accost him, saying " hello, it's so nice to see you, where have you been for all this time?!" There is only one intention in your mind: to make a really nice small talk, like normal people does, everything seems to be so easy, but... it isn't. That girlfriend who is standing close to your mate is acting weird, she makes THOSE eyes, and THOSE looks, if you know what i mean. And now it's time for conclusion : NO, I DON'T WANT TO FUCK YOUR BOYFRIEND, I JUST WANT TO HAVE SMALL TALK.
(it faces both ways)

3. Summer was very short.

             Monika is in the Usa                                                                                                  I am not

4.  I have to get the Valentino evening dress with smth sparkling on it, i don't know what for, but i have to. And practically it's impossible
5. There are few projects i'm working on it, so I have to be mysterious and not showing anything
6. There are also few things that i would like to show
7. This post is probably the most revealing one, i mean state of mind and typical weird polaroids, some daily story from a store etc. And i hope the last one in such sort. (oh and there is no fine art in it, like some cramped, empty photos or collages)
8. And I am also very rusty in new 'cool' music